Miscarriages of Justice in Catalonia


Miscarriages of Justice in Catalonia

You will see in this web site that some judges and prosecutors treat the law as if they had absolute power like the medieval princes and dukes (for example, a typical response from them is “if I don't answer your request, your request was denied”, when they have the legal obligation to explain their decisions)! They ignore the law, they invent “legal” concepts forbidden by the law, and in general they don't perform the duties expected by the taxpayers.

What these people do is against all democratic principles and the rule of law. In an advanced society, their actions are repulsive and against the democracy which was obtained through no small effort, the struggle of which is still in everyone's memory. After the loss of a considerable amount of life and liberty, finally democracy and rule of law were obtained. We now have legislative powers and a Constitution which respects judicial norms, citizen's rights, and judicial transparency which must be respected scrupulously.

When the law isn't being respected by the judicial powers, when the continued nonobservance is ignored by the powers responsible, this implies a presumed level of judicial corruption that reaches to the highest levels in Catalonia. This situation is possible to exist due to the lack of judicial discipline.

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